About Me

Hi!   The Savings Guy Here.  Firmware Engineer by day, Savings Guy by night.  


The Savings Guy

The Savings Guy Website was founded by Ty Jones in September of 2021.  I’m a 28 year old passionate member of the F.I.R.E community residing in San Diego, CA  and I’m saving up as much money as I can in preparation of living out my F.I.R.E dream of retiring on a ranch in Montana.  Join me on my journey to F.I.R.E.

Tune in to the Savings Guy as I share my stories on my path to F.I.R.E., as well as the financial advice that I’ve picked up along the way.  Together we’ll hone our skills in spending, saving, budgeting, and investing & press forward on our path to financial independence. 


If you have any questions or need any specific advice on your personal journey, Email me and submit your question.  I do my best to get back to every reader.