Fed up with finances? Buried in Debt? Still wasting your money on that morning coffee?  Look no further!  The savings guy is here.

Why You’ll Never Retire. (Unless You F.I.R.E)

Retirement. Ever thought about it? If you’re like most people retirement may seem simple. Its just what you do when you get old. Or, if you’re a little bit wiser that word probably brings you some anxiety and stress. You know that retirement doesn’t just “happen”. You also know that social security won’t come close… Read More »Why You’ll Never Retire. (Unless You F.I.R.E)


Tune in here and tune out the cacophony of voices urging you to live a life of waste, waste, waste, spend, spend, spend.  Learn to better manage your money and liberate yourself from the prison of financial servitude.  Instead of working for your money, learn to put your money to work for you!  


Steps to Financial Independence

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Reverse Split Arbitrage

Aug 04, 2022

Usually when I hear somebody advertising an easy way to make a 10 percent return on my investment I get a little weary. When I hear I can make a 20 percent return alarm bells start going off. But when I hear I can make a 1000% return? We’ll that’s when I know I’m dealing… Read More »Reverse Split Arbitrage

Will the Child Tax Credit Continue in 2022?

Jan 04, 2022

If you have children and are in the US, you probably noticed that there was a significant tax credit granted to you in 2021. Will it continue in 2022?

Will Home Prices Drop in 2022?

Dec 31, 2021

With the new year just around the corner and new years resolutions in full spring, many of us are left wondering what the new year will bring.  2021 was certainly unexpected.  With it, we were brought skyrocketing home prices, a tight auto supply, and unending product shortages.  All of those factors combined to bring us… Read More »Will Home Prices Drop in 2022?

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Dec 15, 2021

What is an Emergency Fund? If you’re serious about staying out of debt and saving for retirement, building an emergency fund is a crucial bridge between these two goals.  An emergency fund is a reserve of money that you can draw upon in the case of unexpected expenses.   While you hope you’ll never need… Read More »How to Build an Emergency Fund